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Who are We and What do We Do?

 We are a group of linguists based at the University of British Columbia, in the department of linguistics. We study what people do with words. This page is dedicated to making our results available to people without any background in linguistics.

Here are some useful videos relevant to our research:

CBC took up our research and created this video.


Want to Learn More?

You can get an idea how complex the grammar of eh really is at this blog post which Martina co-authored with Dr. Dexterous.


For the full blog post with a detailed explanation, click here.

But in the eh-lab, we don’t just study “eh?”. It turns out that there are similar words in many languages of the world. Figuring out how these words are used, how they differ from each other and how they pattern alike is the kind of thing we do in the eh lab. 

Here is an example of how eh differs from the German tag geu.

So please, check back to see what we are finding. And of course , feel free to explore the rest of the website, too.


Syntax of Speech Acts Project at UBC Linguistics